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Tuesday, May 16 2023

  • Engineers building tools to improve quality, production of disease-fighting cells

    Nigel Reuel and two of his doctoral students – Yee Chan and Sakib Ferdous – are developing advanced tools for cell manufacturing that could improve the cost and availability of therapeutic cells capable of fighting diseases such as cancers, heart disease, lupus and other autoimmune diseases.


  • More than 5,000 Iowa State students to graduate this spring

    Iowa State University will honor an estimated 5,109 spring graduates with a series of commencement ceremonies on May 11-13. The six undergraduate colleges also will honor their graduating students at their own convocations and receptions on Friday or on Saturday morning.

  • Sleep-tracker study finds fatigued officers struggle with investigations

    New research suggests investigative law enforcement officers have a harder time focusing on their work and managing their emotions on days when they're more fatigued. They also face greater difficulty establishing rapport with interviewees.

  • NSF awards Iowa researchers $20 million to build advanced biomanufacturing capacity

    The National Science Foundation's program to build research capacity across the country has awarded a five-year, $20 million grant to support Iowa researchers working to make the state a leader in advanced biomanufacturing. The researchers will use microbes and other biological systems to produce plastics for 3D printing, fibers for flexible and rigid materials and proteins for medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

  • Two Iowa State faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences

    Two Iowa State University faculty members – Jonathan Wendel and Dan Shechtman – are among the 143 scholars elected this year to the National Academy of Sciences, a prestigious honor that recognizes contributions to scientific research.

  • Cancer diagnosis doesn’t delay graduation for ISU veterinary student

    No one would have blamed Maia Farber had she taken a leave of absence from her veterinary coursework after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2021, but she was determined to pursue her dream of becoming a small-animal surgeon. At the conclusion of this semester, that dream will come true.

  • Graduating ISU student turns disasters into stepping stones toward growth

    Amanda Zoe Hernandez Rodriguez has survived hurricanes, earthquakes and a pandemic, and she’s learned to view those cataclysmic events as growth opportunities. After earning a degree in supply chain management from Iowa State, she’s set her sights on a bright future in her home of Puerto Rico.

  • Cybersickness more likely to affect women, ongoing research to understand why

    An interdisciplinary team of Iowa State researchers find women experience cybersickness with virtual reality headsets more often than men. Their ongoing work explores why this difference exists and methods to help people adapt.

  • Innovation at Work: By the Numbers

    As a leading research university, Iowa State puts science, technology and human creativity to work. The impact is measured through external support for innovative research solutions that lead to new patents, startup companies and support for business and industry.

  • USAID taps ISU experts to boost agriculture education, research in Kosovo

    More than a dozen Iowa State University faculty and staff will be working with colleagues at universities in Kosovo over the next five years to boost the nation’s agricultural economy, providing guidance on topics such as applied research, industry engagement, curriculum development, teaching methods and student services.

  • ISU biologist Jonathan Wendel elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Jonathan Wendel, an evolutionary biologist who has helped shed light on the process and importance of genome doubling in plants, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He’s the fourth Iowa State University faculty member to join the academy.

  • Innovation at Work: Smarter farming with better data

    Advances in precision and digital agriculture created at Iowa State are focused more than ever on data, innovations that can boost yields and profits while improving sustainability. Often by building their own products or partnering with companies, ISU researchers give farmers tools for making better decisions.

  • Media advisory: ISU experts available as spring planting begins

    Corn and soybean planting should kick into high gear this week as Iowa farmers take advantage of favorable weather conditions. After two boom years for revenue, profit margins are expected to be tighter this year and well-timed rains will be key.