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Tuesday, May 31 2022

  • As the grid adds wind power, researchers have to reengineer recovery from blackouts

    When electric grids go down, there's no way to restore them -- "blackstart" them -- with power from wind turbines. Iowa State's Hugo Villegas Pico is leading a team that's working to develop strategies and controllers that would reenergize power grids dominated by wind power. In Iowa, wind turbines now produce 55% of the state's electricity.

  • Startups near state lines gravitate toward side with lower property tax

    Researchers at Iowa State University found significantly different state tax rates affect where new businesses set up shop near state lines and that property taxes have the greatest adverse effect since new businesses may pay property taxes even if they are not generating any revenue.

  • New model could improve matches between students and schools

    Simultaneous and uncoordinated school admissions in situations where students have multiple options can lead to unfilled seats and a lot of stress for families and administrators. To create a fairer, more efficient system, market design researchers created a matchmaking model that draws from game theory, computer science and industrial engineering.

  • Science for a Sustainable Future

    An integral part of Iowa State University’s legacy of science, engineering and innovation, Ames Laboratory celebrates 75 years in 2022. The national laboratory is shaping its future much like it shaped its past: by being first, by forging new ground and by using science to meet national and global challenges. 

  • In franchising, playing tough early may support long-term benefits

    To protect their brand or uphold uniformity, franchisors sometimes terminate contracts with franchisees. A new study found profitability decreased right after termination but essentially bounced back in two years. The researchers also discovered young, rapidly growing chains benefited more from ending contracts with wayward franchisees compared to mature, slow growing chains.

  • More greens, less sugar and fries: Abriendo Caminos study finds promising results

    A study evaluating the effect of the Abriendo Caminos program on dietary behaviors of Hispanic children found youth participants consumed sugar-sweetened beverages, french fries and fast food less frequently and ate vegetables more often after the six-week workshop series.  

  • Iowa State spring commencement events are May 12-14

    An estimated 5,039 students are completing degrees from Iowa State this semester and will be honored during graduation events May 12-14 in Hilton Coliseum. All commencement ceremonies are in-person, but will be livestreamed for those who opt to view online.

  • Researchers reveal the origin story for carbon-12, a building block for life

    After running simulations on the world's most powerful supercomputer, an international team of researchers has developed a theory for the nuclear structure and origin of carbon-12, the stuff of life. The theory favors the production of carbon-12 in the cosmos.

  • Future veterinarian overcomes language barrier to find success at Iowa State

    Valeria Miranda Ortiz spoke no English when she arrived at Iowa State. No matter: She spent hours learning the language — and two others — to achieve her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

  • Graduating senior Marissa Ouverson is a world champion griller

    When the pandemic sent students online, Marissa Ouverson decided to try her hand at competitive steak grilling, traveling around the country and ultimately becoming a world champion.

  • Spanish degree takes Iowa State senior on global adventures

    What was supposed to be a one-off summer job as a farmhand in high school turned into a lifelong passion for agriculture that led Adam Bittner to Iowa State, to a Spanish degree and to travels around the globe.

  • Distinguished Professor named to National Academy of Sciences

    Dr. Qijing Zhang, a Clarence Harley Covault Distinguished Professor in Veterinary Medicine, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, in recognition of his distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. Zhang is among 120 new members and 30 international members named to the prestigious academy.

  • Men’s Cyclone Hockey Club suspended as part of university investigation

    Iowa State University is investigating allegations of hazing and other reported concerns related to the Men’s Cyclone Hockey Club. Based on the serious nature of the allegations, the university has issued an interim suspension of all men’s team activities, effective immediately.

  • Innovation at Work: Taking the classroom to Main Street

    Each semester, Iowa State student teams partner with a specific community in Iowa, bringing fresh ideas to help businesses stay competitive.