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Sunday, October 25 2020

  • Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease with skin samples could lead to earlier detection

    New research shows a simple skin test can accurately identify Parkinson’s disease, which could lead to earlier detection of the disease and better outcomes for patients. Currently, Parkinson’s disease is diagnosed by clinical signs and symptoms but only definitively diagnosed at autopsy. The researchers conducted a blinded study of 50 skin samples using an assay originally designed to detect mad cow disease.

  • Iowa State University’s Student Innovation Center launches unique programs for campus, public

    With the opening of the Student Innovation Center at Iowa State University comes new, unique opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the public to interact with and learn from industry leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Personalized cancer outreach more effective, study finds

    Iowa State's Ju-Yeon Lee helped develop a tool to personalize cancer outreach efforts and recommend the most suitable intervention for the patient. Lee's research shows a more personalized approach improves the completion rate of recommended screenings for patients at high risk for liver cancer. 

  • Iowa State engineer aids $9 million project to manufacture biobased electronics

    Iowa State's Jonathan Claussen will contribute his expertise in sensor technology to a $9 million project that's using plant-based inks to print low-cost, biodegradable and recyclable electronics. The National Science Foundation is supporting the project as part of an effort to advance U.S. biomanufacturing, cybermanufacturing and ecomanufacturing.

  • Tackling real-world, real-time issues in the classroom

    As Iowa State University’s fall courses adjusted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty across campus found ways to bring real-time, real-world issues into the classroom, from face covering redesigns to Iowa State's "Cyclones Care" campaign to social justice issues in city planning.

  • Iowa State experts available to comment on 2020 election

    With the November election just weeks away, Iowa State experts are available to discuss a variety of issues as well as the outlook in the race for president and congressional seats. 

  • “The NASA Kepler Mission” book: Planet hunting, star studies and, “Are we alone?”

    A new book chronicles the scientific discoveries of NASA's Kepler and K2 missions. It also asks some big questions: "Are we alone? What is our place in the Universe?" Iowa State's Steve Kawaler contributed to the book and is chair of the editorial advisory board for the partnership that published the book.
  • Tropical Cyclone Studies at ISU

    As Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms continue to make landfall, Iowa State's Christina Patricola, who studies tropical cyclones, tells viewers how a new grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science Early Career Research Program will help her study global storm numbers and regional storm intensity and rainfall.


  • COVID-19 weekly snapshot

    The following information is a supplement to the university's COVID-19 Public Health Data weekly updates. It is intended to provide a brief snapshot of the data and trends identified by Iowa State's public health team.