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Thursday, April 28 2011


U.S. 'fast fashion' apparel trend is losing ground with consumers according to ISU study

Elena Karpova (left) and Juyoung (Jill) Lee (right) -- an assistant professor and graduate student in ISU's apparel, educational studies and hospitality management respectively -- co-authored a new study finding that the U.S. apparel industry's "fast fashion" focus has resulted in diminishing returns on its market shares both at home and abroad. The study appears in the latest issue of the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, which was published earlier this month.

Iowa State chemist designs new polymer structures for use as ‘plastic electronics’

Malika Jeffries-EL, an Iowa State assistant professor of chemistry, is designing new organic polymer structures that conduct electricity and could be useful in solar cells, light-emitting diodes and thin-film transistors. She and her research group are doing fundamental studies of the relationship between the polymer structures and their electronic, physical and optical properties.

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Iowa State University animal science professor named Jefferson Science Fellow

Max Rothschild, ISU distinguished professor in the Department of Animal Science, has been selected for a Jefferson Science Fellowship with the U.S. Department of State. He is one of 13 fellows selected nationally for 2011-12.

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Senior will graduate after taking one class per semester for 19 years

In 1992, a gallon of gas cost $1.13, Bill Clinton won the presidential election and Kathy Vitzthum took her first class at Iowa State University. Vitzthum has taken about one class each and every semester since. For 40 semesters. Since Miley Cyrus was born. Since Charles and Diana split up. Since Ross Perot pulled out his charts and pointer on TV. Since the World Wide Web was in its infancy (and text only). On May 7, the 48-year-old Vitzthum, who lives in Slater, graduates summa cum laude from Iowa State. She has achieved her goal -- a bachelor's degree in accounting -- after juggling family and career with finals and papers for 19 years.
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ISU research leads to understanding of how crops deal with stress – yield’s biggest enemy

ISU researchers have discovered a new arm of the pathway by which plants activate a response to environmental stress caused by adverse environmental conditions, such as drought, flood and heat. These stresses affect yield more than crop pests and diseases. Finding a way to maintain high yields for plants under stress is a goal of plant breeders and other agriculture stakeholders.

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Iowa State solar car team ready to race at 100th anniversary of Indianapolis 500

Team PrISUm, Iowa State's solar car racing team, will be back on track in early May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This year's Formula Sun Grand Prix is part of the speedway's Emerging Tech Day, a special event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500. Team members say they've fixed some of the electrical problems that plagued their car during last summer's 1,100-mile cross-country race.
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Abhijit Rao (standing), director of the College of Business Communication Center, and Tim Killian, one of the center's consultants, work with some students during a consulting session.

Abhijit Rao (standing), director of the College of Business Communication Center, and Tim Killian, one of the center's consultants, work with some students during a consulting session.

College of Business center responds to employer call for better communication skills

Iowa State's College of Business Communication Center has seen its role to improve student communication expand since it was founded in 2005. Just this year, it became a year-round, full-service center for students. In the process, the number of student consultations has grown from 114 in the first year it opened to 1,145 in this year's fall semester alone, according to Abhijit Rao, center director.