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Monday, December 12 2005


Graduation events Dec. 16-17

Iowa State will award an estimated 1,755 degrees during winter commencement events Dec. 16-17.

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Full-time farmer perseveres to master's degree

After nearly two decades, full-time farmer will complete his master's degree from Iowa state.

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Local foods, grain damage sensors and safeguarding livestock

Locally grown foods could find an outlet in Iowa's convenience stores. Read about that and much more in this month's news from agriculture and veterinary medicine.

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IT staff report computer intrusions

An intruder recently breached the security of two Iowa State University computers containing sensitive information.

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Animals make great companions, not great gifts

A family should consider all the responsibilities of caring for a companion animal before bringing one into the household. Iowa State University's Dr. Kim Langholz recommends several questions to ask beforehand.

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ISU announces new 'Return to Iowa' scholarship program

Prospective Iowa State freshmen and transfer students who live out of state may qualify for a new, $1,500 renewable scholarship if they have family ties to ISU.

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Farmland values will be announced Dec. 13

Results of ISU Extension's annual survey on farmland values will be released at a 10 a.m. news conference Tuesday, Dec. 13. Watch a live stream of the news conference at Or read data from all 99 counties (after 10 a.m.) at

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The science of moving dirt

Iowa State University's new Geotechnical Mobile Lab is a $350,000, one-of-a-kind laboratory-on-wheels. It will allow engineers to study construction sites right next to the heavy equipment doing all the dirty work. And it could help build better roads and reduce construction costs.

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Stay healthy over holidays

ISU physician Marc Shulman offers some health tips for students and travelers.

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Vehicle involved in hit-and-run found

ISU Police have located the vehicle involved in an apparent hit-and-run accident that occurred on the morning of Dec. 3. That accident resulted in the death of Kelly Jean Laughery, who had been walking along Mortensen Road at the time she was struck.

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Better driving through the snow and rain

A new Iowa State University research center will bring together scientists and engineers to study how weather impacts transportation systems. That could lead to better and safer ways to travel when weather is a problem.

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New risk assessment course among the first

Iowa State is among the first in the nation to offer a course in risk assessment for the biological sciences. The course teaches students how to interpret the risk of adverse incidents in such situations as transgenic contamination, the occurrence of salmonella in food and other agricultural or biological situations.

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2006 Veishea theme is 'Celebrate Iowa State'

Students leading Veishea 2006 plans have announced that "Celebrate Iowa State" is the theme for next year's event, set for April 21-23. "Our goal is to include everyone across Iowa in the celebration, and get them excited about what Iowa State has to offer," said Veishea General Co-Chair Jessica Lecy.

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