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Tuesday, February 28 2006




Clinton's former science adviser to speak

Rosina Bierbaum, acting director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Clinton Administration, will speak on campus March 7.

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Newscast to feature Jamie Pollard and son

WOI TV's 10 p.m. newscast Tuesday (Feb. 28) will include a feature on ISU athletics director Jamie Pollard and his 3-year-old son James, who has undergone a series of surgeries for a rare form of cancer.

How real is "Da Vinci Code"?

Four Iowa State faculty members will discuss how realistic the book "The Da Vinci Code" is in a panel discussion March 7.

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Turf title, again

For the fifth year in a row, Iowa State students won the national Collegiate Turf Bowl Competition trophy. This year also marks the seventh time in eight years that an ISU team has won the knowledge bowl.

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Students will showcase research to lawmakers

Iowa State students will present their research to lawmakers in the rotunda of the State Capitol building Feb. 28. Student researchers from the universities of Iowa and Northern Iowa also will show their work.

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Marty Martinez


Psychologist will help U.S. track elite

Marty Martinez, a psychologist for the Student Counseling Service, will help the U.S. track elite prepare for the World Cup.


Sarah Thompson



Music major Sarah Thompson completes four perfect years in national student auditions.

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