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Monday, June 7 2010


Iowa State departments will be honored with Environmental Excellence awards

ISU Dining, the Department of Residence and Facilities Planning & Management will be recognized by Gov. Chet Culver on June 28 for leadership and innovation in the protection of Iowa's natural resources. The ISU departments will accept an Environmental Excellence Award and receive special recognition in water quality.

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Geoffroy, Pollard update on conference realignment talk

ISU President Gregory Geoffroy and Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard have an update on potential conference realignment from discussion at the Big 12 spring meetings.

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Some Iowa cicadas make unexpected appearance four years ahead of schedule

The 17-year cicadas found in central and southeast Iowa aren't supposed to come out until 2014, but a small percentage are emerging now, four years ahead of schedule. Donald Lewis, professor of entomology at Iowa State University, started getting reports of these early-risers two weeks ago. The insects are found in much of the state from Boone County south to the Missouri border and east to the Mississippi River.

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Iowa State University student living his dream this summer

Ben Janson couldn't ask for a better summer vacation. He's having fun doing what he loves. He's hanging out with the pros. And he's getting paid. He can't believe his luck. The Iowa State University junior from Mason City is not playing baseball, driving racecars or chasing tornadoes. He's happily tucked away in a research laboratory at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Md.

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Chad Hart

Chad Hart

Gulf oil spill may harm U.S. grain exports, says ISU market economist

With the latest failed efforts to stop the flow of oil from an uncapped well into the Gulf of Mexico, projections are that the spill may not be contained until late summer. Iowa State University grain markets specialist Chad Hart says that if the oil slick enters the shipping lanes, there could be a slowdown in shipping traffic that could affect grain prices for the United States and overseas markets.

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Iowa State’s solar car team prepares for June 19-26 race from Tulsa to Chicago

Iowa State students are busy preparing to race the university's tenth solar-powered car. They'll attempt to prove and qualify their car during the June 12-18 Formula Sun Grand Prix in Texas. If that goes well, they'll enter the June 19-26 American Solar Challenge, a race from Tulsa, Okla., to Chicago.

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Iowa State educator assists effort to export U.S. community college model to Indonesia

Linda Serra Hagedorn, an ISU professor of educational leadership and policy studies, is assisting the U.S. State Department in efforts to possibly export the American community college model to the country. That work is part of the Obama administration's initiative to build a greater partnership with Indonesia. Obama will visit the country on June 14.

Tractor pull team hopes new design will overpower field in international competition

Iowa State University's Power Pullers team will participate in an annual tractor pull competition June 5 and 6 in Peoria, Ill., sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Thirty teams from the United States and Canada are scheduled to compete. This year's tractor, "CydeWinder," has been completely redesigned in hopes of improving on last year's fourth-place finish.

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Goran Micevic awarded Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship for medical school

Iowa State University May graduate Goran Micevic has received a Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship. The Iowa State University chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society nominated him for the the $5,000 graduate fellowship. Micevic earned his degree in biochemistry and will attend Yale University Medical School in the fall.
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