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Tuesday, June 5 2012

  • Nobel Laureates laud Orazem's education plan at Copenhagen Consensus

    Peter Orazem, a University Professor of economics, authored four of the top 15 strategies cited by a panel of leading economists, including four Nobel laureates, at the global Copenhagen Consensus 2012 last month. Orazem's recommendations were on how to improve education in the developing world. The panel was charged with answering the question, "If you had $75 billion to spend over the next four years and your goal was to advance human welfare, how could you get the most value for your money?"

  • Iowa State’s Takle addresses USDA on climate change and its effects on agriculture

    Iowa State University's Gene Takle will tell U.S. Department of Agriculture officials how farmers are adapting to climate changes. He'll say, for example, that wetter springs and summers mean more drainage tile is being buried under fields. Takle will speak during a USDA seminar on June 7 in Washington, D.C. The seminar will be videotaped for later webcast.

  • Cyclone Power Pullers say new design, utility and driveline should boost performance

    The Cyclone Power Pullers have been busy building, testing and refining two 1/4-scale pulling tractors for a May31-June 3 competition sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The students like the design and performance changes they've built into the two machines.

  • ISU researcher studies education paths of Iowa GED program enrollees

    Iowa high school dropouts who enrolled in the General Education Development (GED) preparation program during the 2003-04 fiscal year, fewer than a third (31.5 percent or 3,680) earned a GED by the end of the 2009 fiscal year. And only 2 percent (229) completed a community college credential, according to the doctoral dissertation by Andrew Ryder, a research and evaluation scientist in Iowa State's Research Institute for Studies in Education.

  • Pamela Anthony named dean of students

    Pamela Anthony, who has served as assistant dean of students at Georgia State University since 2003, will begin as Iowa State's dean of students on Aug. 1.