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Wednesday, January 2 2013

  • Rajala named next dean in Iowa State’s College of Engineering

    The new dean of Iowa State's College of Engineering will be Sarah Rajala, currently engineering dean at Mississippi State University. She also has served as department chair of electrical and computer engineering at Mississippi State and associate dean for research and graduate programs at North Carolina State University. She chairs the Global Engineering Deans Council and is a former president of the American Society for Engineering Education. Her Iowa State appointment is effective April 1, 2013.

  • ISU professor helps map genome of cotton

    An international consortium of scientists that includes an Iowa State University professor has mapped the genome sequence for cotton in a paper published this week in the journal Nature. The sequencing of the genome will have sweeping ramifications for cotton growers, plant biologists and producers who grow other cash crops.

  • Interior design students win People's Choice Award in international competition

    Two interior design seniors received the People's Choice Award for their entry in the International Interior Design Association's 2012 Student Sustainable Design Competition. Erica Riha and Ashley Olson created their project, "Vitality Assisted Living Facility," last spring in the department's healthcare design studio for juniors. Their design garnered more than 2,100 votes of the 11,000 votes received from IIDA members, friends and design enthusiasts from more than 15 countries.

  • Former high school principal talks about guns in schools

    Chuck Achter, lecturer and assistant director of the School of Education at Iowa State, was a high school principal for 32 years. While it is natural for parents to want additional security measures after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Achter does not believe armed administrators are the answer.

  • How to talk to kids about Connecticut elementary school tragedy

    In the wake of the nation’s second-worst school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., mental health professionals at Iowa State University have some guidance on how to discuss the tragedy with young children who may be troubled by the information they see and hear as events unfold.

  • ISU student selected to be student ambassador for U.S. Department of Interior

    An Iowa State University sophomore has been named a U.S. Department of Interior student ambassador for the 2012-13 school year. Biology major Nicole Bradley, Harvey, Ill., is one of 22 students nationwide selected by the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service and the Interior Department to promote the department's internships and job opportunities on Iowa State's campus. 

  • Iowa State engineer looks to dragonflies, bats for flight lessons

    Iowa State University's Hui Hu is using wind tunnel and imaging tests to learn the aerodynamics that allow dragonflies and bats to get off the ground in the slow-speed, high-drag conditions of small-scale flight. His findings could one day help military engineers build micro-air vehicles with the power and agility to carry cameras, sensors or even weapons into dangerous territory.

  • ISU professor explains lack of help for man thrown on subway tracks

    A New York Post photo of a man just moments from his death has generated a lot of debate. Craig Anderson, Distinguished Professor of psychology at Iowa State University, explains why the photographer and other bystanders did not try to offer help to a man thrown onto the tracks of the New York City subway.

  • ISU professor gives climate change talk before U.N. conference

    An ISU climate science expert presenting data before a United Nations conference last week said that climate change is influencing Iowa farmers to adjust their operations. And, although scientists can’t attribute the 2012 drought to climate change, the data does suggest that such extreme weather events are becoming more common in the Midwestern United States.