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Monday, August 6 2012

  • Iowa State retail specialist assesses the Stores Magazine "Hot 100 Retailers" list

    Ron Prescott, retail and small business specialist with Iowa State's Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development and department of economics, provided his analysis of the "Hot 100 Retailers" list published in the August issue of the National Retail Federation's Stores Magazine.

  • State fair exhibit celebrates what makes Iowa State University special

    Visitors to Iowa State University's exhibit at the Iowa State Fair (Aug. 9-19) can share the experience enjoyed by 1 million people this summer on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The university's 2012 Smithsonian Folklife Festival exhibit will be featured in Iowa State's "Celebrating our Morrill Act Heritage" display in the air-conditioned Varied Industries Building. The exhibit was selected to be part of the national celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act, which laid the foundation for land-grant universities. It showcases how Iowa State faculty, staff and students apply design to help communities solve problems.

  • Iowa State researchers build tool to help sub-Saharan African seed companies

    Working in harmony with the Iowa State University Seed Science Center, two College of Business professors developed a decision support system to help African seed entrepreneurs make informed decisions about starting small-scale seed chain businesses. The decision tool has been used to evaluate the economic viability in at least 17 small seed companies that are now introducing improved seed varieties in villages and farms in Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania -- helping to better feed those starving nations.

  • Iowa State, Ames Lab researchers invent new tool to study single biological molecules

    Sanjeevi Sivasankar of Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory is leading a research team that has developed new microscope technology to study biological molecules. The technology allows researchers to make 3-D measurements of single molecules with unprecedented accuracy and precision. The technology could be useful for medical researchers who need high-resolution data from microscopes.

  • Drought management plan under way in Ames; ISU is doing its part

    Iowa State faculty, staff and students continue to save water and are looking at new ways to conserve in the midst of this summer's drought.

  • Iowa State senior says summer research program at Harvard is 'best gig on the planet'

    Aubrie James set her sights on attending a math and ecology summer program in Michigan. But her academic adviser recommended she aim a bit higher and apply for a competitive National Science Foundation research program for undergraduates. Not wanting to disappoint him, James applied for "the best looking one" she felt sure she wouldn't get into -- the Harvard Forest Program in Ecology at Harvard University. Funny thing happened, though. James was accepted. Now the Iowa State University animal ecology senior from Ames is having the time of her life.  


  • Iowa State's ThinkSpace technology better prepares students to solve real-world problems

    More than 50 Iowa State faculty members across a number of disciplines who are now teaching classes with ThinkSpace, an interactive online teaching resource developed at ISU that encourages students to think critically about the solutions to complex, real-world problems. And because of its initial success at Iowa State, ThinkSpace is now being exported for use to colleges and universities around the world.

  • Iowa State, Argonne physicist wins presidential award for neutrino research

    Mayly Sanchez of Iowa State University and the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago has won a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. It is the highest honor awarded by the U.S. government for early career researchers. Sanchez studies neutrinos and is working with several major physics experiments.

  • Team PrISUm still strong under the hot sun; maintains second in cross-country race

    Team PrISUm soaked up the sun on Thursday morning and ran with race-leading Michigan during day six of the American Solar Challenge. But clouds covered Wisconsin in the afternoon and Iowa State's solar car team had to slow down. Even so, the team strengthened its hold on second place in the 1,650-mile race.

  • Hyperion thrives where other solar race cars fail; races back to second place

    Team PrISUm climbed to second place in the American Solar Challenge on Wednesday. Iowa State's solar race car has handled heat better than a lot of cars. And that has helped the team recover from a rainy day accident early in the race.

  • Team PrISUm loves the hot sun; solar car races back into third place

    Team PrISUm's solar race car loves the heat of summer and cruised at the speed limit most of Tuesday. The team is now in third place in the eight-day, eight-state American Solar Challenge.

  • Wohlgemuth named interim director of admissions

    Longtime enrollment services staff member Darin Wohlgemuth has been named interim director of admissions. He steps into the director post formerly held by assistant vice president for enrollment Marc Harding, who left Iowa State recently to join the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Sunny skies power Team PrISUm past two teams and into fourth place

    Team PrISUm raced up the road Monday, passing two teams and moving into fourth place of the 11-team American Solar Challenge. Iowa State's solar car team is 36 minutes behind third-place Principia College. A goal for the next few days is to try to make up that time and move back into the race's top three.

  • Iowa State’s external funding reaches $360.2 million in fiscal year 2012

    External funding that supports Iowa State University students, researchers, equipment purchases, education programs, buildings and extension activities rose to $360.2 million in fiscal year 2012. That's up from $342.3 million the previous fiscal year. Iowa State's record is $388.2 million in 2010.

  • Team PrISUm hits curb, loses time and places at American Solar Challenge

    It was a tough day at the American Solar Challenge for Team PrISUm on Sunday. The team lost a lot of time with a low battery pack, thunderstorms and radio problems. And then the team's car hit a curb, breaking the suspension and forcing roadside repairs. The team is hoping for better racing -- and sunnier skies -- on Monday.

  • Hyperion’s first day on the road is a quick one; Iowa State minutes off the lead

    Team PrISUm had a great day on the road during the first day of the American Solar Challenge, a 1,650-mile race for solar race cars. The team is 9 minutes behind the leading team. And now it's developing a strategy to catch and pass that team.

  • Team PrISUm races to second place finish at Formula Sun Grand Prix

    Team PrISUm finished a strong second in the qualifying race for the July 14-21 American Solar Challenge. The 1,650-mile, cross-country challenge starts Saturday. The students who designed and built Iowa State's solar race car are looking forward to another good race.

  • Team PrISUm still running a strong race to the American Solar Challenge

    Team PrISUm had another good day at the Formula Sun Grand Prix on Tuesday. Iowa State's solar race team is running a strong second in the qualifying race for the July 14-21 American Solar Challenge. The Iowa Staters have, at times, matched the pace of the race-leading team.

  • Team PrISUm qualifies for American Solar Challenge; aims for pole position

    Team PrISUm is off to a great start in the Formula Sun Grand Prix. The team needed only one day to qualify its solar race car for the July 14-21 American Solar Challenge. The team will race the next two days to try and take the lead -- and pole position -- from the University of Michigan.