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Friday, September 30 2011


ISU's Pease Family Scholar to address physical fitness and mental health on Oct. 13

Bradley Hatfield (left) -- a professor of kinesiology at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he also has an affiliate appointment with the university's neural and cognitive sciences program -- will give a talk as ISU's Pease Family Scholar on Thursday, Oct. 13, at 7 p.m. His presentation, "Physical Fitness and Mental Health: Understanding Exercise and Sport Psychology through the Study of Brain Processes," will take place in the Campanile Room of ISU's Memorial Union.

Iowa State researchers produce cheap sugars for sustainable biofuel production

Iowa State researchers have developed technologies to efficiently produce, recover and separate sugars from the fast pyrolysis of biomass. That's a big deal because those sugars can be further processed into biofuels. Robert C. Brown and other Iowa State researchers will present their findings to the International Conference on Thermochemical Conversion Science in Chicago Sept. 28-30.
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ISU-led group awarded $25 million grant for land use, biofuel production study

Ken Moore, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in the Department of Agronomy

The USDA awarded an Iowa State University-led group a $25 million grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to develop the blueprint for using marginal farmlands to grow perennial grasses that will, in turn, provide a biomass source for a drop-in biofuel-based fuel over the next five years. The multi-state, interdisciplinary team is lead by Ken Moore, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in the Department of Agronomy.

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Steven Leath named Iowa State's next president

The Iowa Board of Regents has named Steven Leath the 15th president of Iowa State University. Leath's appointment is effective Feb. 1, 2012. Leath will be paid an annual salary of $440,000. Leath has been vice president for research and sponsored programs for the University of North Carolina system since 2007.

Iowa State seeing student returns from investment in financial literacy offerings

It's been two years since Iowa State announced plans to offer greater financial literacy resources for students. And the numbers -- both in terms of enrollment in financial literacy classes and student use of ISU's Financial Counseling Clinic and its resources -- suggest that the university is seeing a return on investment in terms of greater student access.