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Wednesday, December 31 2014

  • Iowa State University researchers make fish food from Iowa agricultural commodities

    Researchers at Iowa State University are charting new waters by turning the state’s agricultural commodities into fish food, work that could help farmers find new revenue streams and provide a boost to U.S. fish production.

  • Glacier beds can get slipperier at higher sliding speeds

    Using the Iowa State University Sliding Simulator, Iowa State glaciologists Lucas Zoet and Neal Iverson have found that as a glacier's sliding speed increases, the bed beneath the glacier can grow slipperier. That laboratory finding could help researchers make better predictions of glacier response to climate change and the corresponding sea-level rise. The research results were just published in the Journal of Glaciology.

  • Second chances matter: ISU graduating chemistry senior attains his new dream job

    Jesus Zaldarriaga has a checkered past. It's checkered with good deeds and bad behavior. Good grades and bad luck. Tears of grief and tears of joy. Swirling dark clouds and smooth silver linings. If anyone could turn a lemon into lemonade, it's Zaldarriaga. And after a lifetime of downturns and turn arounds, he's graduating from Iowa State not only with a diploma in hand, but also a good job in Iowa.

  • No easy ride for Iowa State senior who graduates 10 years after devastating accident

    When Keith Allen awoke from a 31-day coma following his catastrophic motorcycle accident, he could not walk, talk, brush his teeth or comb his hair. He was held together by four skin grafts and a girdle. He had a trach tube. When he tried to write a question, he wrote continuous letters in a one-inch circle. Allen was told he'd never have the cognitive abilities he once had. That's when the former Iowa State environmental systems mechanic took the first step in his excruciating journey to prove them wrong. On Saturday, Allen receives his bachelor's degree.

  • Change Agent: Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

    Whether it's research related to plant growth or heating and cooling systems, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian and his research group have the tools to mathematically and computationally simulate problems, explore variables and find the most promising answers for further study. Says Baskar: "This is better science at a faster rate."

  • Iowa State veterinary researchers deliver pain medicine to piglets through sow’s milk

    Veterinary researchers at Iowa State University have devised a novel means of delivering pain medication to piglets through the milk of the mother sow as the piglets nurse. The proof-of-concept study could help pork producers reduce the stress and pain experienced by piglets that are castrated or have their tails removed.

  • Partnership promotes good health with online lessons on fitness and nutrition

    A group of Iowa State University students is using technology to connect with students at United Community School and share lessons on everything from proper hand washing to fire prevention to physical fitness.

  • Iowa State physicist helps write the (very big) book on two major physics experiments

    Iowa State's Soeren Prell helped write the new and definitive book on the physics of the BaBar and Bell experiments. "The Physics of the B Factories," all 900 pages of it, is a combined biography of the two major, multi-year physics experiments. Prell was one of five co-editors who worked for five years on the epic.

  • Iowa State University announces commitment to expand college access at White House event

    Iowa State shared goals for expanding access and improving graduation rates at Thursday's (Dec. 4) White House College Opportunity Day of Action in Washington, D.C. Senior Vice President and Provost Jonathan Wickert joined President Barack Obama and hundreds of higher education leaders to announce actions to help America lead the world in college attainment.

  • Alumni couple makes gift of more than $22 million to Iowa State

    Two alumni who wish to remain anonymous have made a gift of more than $22 million to Iowa State. A portion of the gift will likely support the university's planned Student Innovation Center. Public funding for that project will be considered in the 2015 state legislative session. The balance of the gift will help to create an endowed dean's chair in the College of Human Sciences. Dean Pamela White will be the inaugural holder.

  • Iowa State receives Regents approval to build new residence hall

    The Iowa Board of Regents today approved Iowa State's plans to build a new residence hall east of Buchanan Hall. Demand for on-campus housing continues to increase at a higher rate than enrollment growth.

  • ISU professors weigh effectiveness of tax on soda and other sweetened drinks

    Several states and cities have and continue to propose a tax on soft drinks in an effort to curb obesity. In November, voters in Berkeley, California, were the first to approve such a tax. But Iowa State University researchers question whether it will have the desired effect.

  • Iowa State, Ames Lab researcher working to save energy with nanotechnology insulation

    Mufit Akinc says filling vacuum insulation panels with new, low-cost materials could produce hundreds of millions of dollars in energy savings. And so he's leading an effort to search for insulating materials that could one day make it to the marketplace. The work is supported by research grants from the Iowa Energy Center.