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Friday, June 5 2020

  • Iowa State makes list of top 100 universities for U.S. patents issued in 2019

    The Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc., which processes and holds patents tied to Iowa State research, has made the annual list of top 100 worldwide universities granted U.S. patents during a calendar year for the fifth time since 2013, when the rankings began.

  • New grant will help scientists advance human immune model in pigs

    Scientists at Iowa State University are poised to take a significant step forward in human health by transferring a human immune system into pigs. The research was recently awarded a nearly $3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop the technology over the next four years. The research could pave the way to new treatments for a wide range of health problems, from cancer to severe burns.

  • Patterns in crop data reveal new insight about plants and their environments

    A new study unearthed patterns in datasets collected on rice plants across Asia that allowed researchers to develop a matrix to predict the traits of rice plants depending on their genetics and environment. The approach could lead to better predictability in crop production.

  • CARES Act, other funding sources help students complete spring semester

    More than 7,000 Iowa State University students applied for assistance from the Office of Financial Aid due to hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The average grant is around $1,400.

  • Iowa State student, two alumni receive Fulbright awards

    An Iowa State University student and two recent alumni have received Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards for the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • Iowa State faculty, staff work to help others as pandemic continues into summer

    The spring semester at Iowa State University may be over, but work to help others during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed down. Faculty and staff in the College of Design's model shop, the theatre department and Iowa 4-H are just a few of the many efforts currently underway.

  • Scientists use light to accelerate supercurrents, access forbidden light, quantum properties

    Iowa State's Jigang Wang continues to explore using light waves to accelerate supercurrents to access the unique and potentially useful properties of the quantum world. His latest findings have just been published by the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

  • Replacing time spent sitting with sleep or light activity may improve your mood

    New research, published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that substituting prolonged sedentary time with sleep was associated with lower stress, better mood and lower body mass index (BMI), and substituting light physical activity was associated with improved mood and lower BMI across the next year.

  • Grant will help ISU scientists break new ground in gene editing

    A new grant from the National Institutes of Health will allow Iowa State University scientists to continue to develop gene editing technologies to model human disease in zebrafish. The research aims to build new tools to determine which genes have therapeutic potential to treat human genetic diseases that affect the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems.

  • Risk of gaming addiction increases for small, but significant number as teens become adults

    Playing video games is not a problem for most teens, but those who develop symptoms of Gaming Disorder are more anxious, aggressive, depressed and shy, according to new research. The longitudinal study is one of the first to follow adolescents for an extended period of time to track changes in video game play and symptoms as they become young adults.

  • Supply chain challenges to remain as states start to reopen

    An Iowa State supply chain expert expects to see some hiccups as states start to reopen and supply chains slowly rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. Scott Grawe says the uncertainty and unpredictability that led to shortages of toilet paper and cleaning supplies at the start of this pandemic will continue to disrupt supply chains. 

  • New analysis measures economic impact of Iowa industries

    Agriculture and manufacturing are at the heart of Iowa’s economy, accounting for 38% of the state’s gross domestic product, according to a new economic analysis from Iowa State University. The report goes beyond traditional jobs and income data reported by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and measures all labor and supplies required to provide a commodity or service for export.