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Monday, January 28 2008


Make Me A World event

'Make Me A World'

ISU graduate student Glenn Marcus (right) was among Iowa State students who made education presentations to high school and middle school students during the "I'll Make Me A World in Iowa" celebration in Des Moines Jan. 25-26. The event highlighted African-American arts, culture and contributions.

New entrepreneurial professorship established in Veterinary Medicine

Iowa State is establishing one of the nation's first professorships in veterinary entrepreneurial studies.

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Geoffroy's vision: Make ISU a model of energy efficiency

President Gregory Geoffroy envisions Iowa State University as a model of energy efficiency -- a university that leads the way in conserving and minimizing its impact on global climate change. He recently created a 16-member advisory committee to help him pursue that vision.

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Mid-year fund-raising totals up

The Iowa State University Foundation reports a 66 percent increase in fund raising only six months into the fiscal year, with $84.3 million in private support from more than 34,000 donors.

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Making time fly: ISU professor studies how to moderate waiting time with customers

Deanne Brocato, an assistant professor of marketing at ISU, led a research team on a study examining the waiting experiences of 844 customers in the banking and hair-cutting service industries from two medium-sized metropolitan areas in the southeastern United States. Their study offers advice on how businesses can moderate their waiting lines.

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DOE selects ISU for 2009 DOE Solar Decathlon competition

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected Iowa State as one of 20 teams from four countries to compete in the fourth Solar Decathlon in fall of 2009 in Washington, D.C. Teams design, build and operate attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered homes. The Solar Decathlon has developed into one of the premiere venues in the U.S. for research and development into green building technologies. Iowa State's is the first Solar Decathlon team from Iowa.

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Hawkeye Community College

Hawkeye Community College students who plan to attend Iowa State gather with Hawkeye president Greg Schmitz (left) and ISU President Gregory Geoffroy at the signing ceremony.

ISU and Hawkeye Community College sign admissions partnership

Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffroy signed an admissions partnership agreement with Hawkeye Community College Greg Schmitz, today in Cedar Rapids. The agreement makes it more convenient for Hawkeye students who want to earn a bachelor's degree to transfer to ISU.

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ISU's Tahira Hira named to President Bush's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy

Tahira Hira, executive assistant to the president and professor of personal finance and consumer economics at ISU, was appointed Jan. 22 by President George W. Bush to the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy in a White House ceremony.

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Iowa service-related businesses outperform retail in ISU five-year threshold report

Meghan O'Brien, an ISU Extension program specialist who is on the staff of Iowa State's Regional Capacity Analysis Program (ReCAP), did comparative analysis of select Iowa retail and service business thresholds from 2000-2005. Her report found that service-related businesses outperformed those in retail in terms of reduction of threshold levels, which indicates the size of the market necessary for a business to survive.

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ISU researcher's work on gender, temperature link in reptiles published in Nature

An Iowa State University researcher is having his findings published in the journal Nature, an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal of science and the most-cited weekly science journal in the world.

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Iowa State hosts Black History Month activities

Iowa State continues the annual tradition of observing Black History Month with several on-campus events scheduled this February. From lectures to panel discussions to the performing arts, students, faculty and staff will have many opportunities to immerse themselves in the African-American culture.

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Office of Social and Economic Trend Analysis is now the Regional Capacity Analysis Program

ISU's Office of Social and Economic Trend Analysis is now the Regional Capacity Analysis Program (ReCAP). It has a new Web site and a focus on helping communities take a forward-looking approach in dealing with change by assessing their capacity for meeting future challenges.

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Iowa Egg Council makes $2 million commitment to ISU

The Iowa Egg Council has made a $2 million gift commitment to establish an endowed egg industry program in Iowa State University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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Iowa State scientist researches ways to squeeze two fuels from one kernel of corn

Iowa State University researcher Tong Wang is researching new ways to maximize the amount of oil that can be recovered after a corn kernel is used for ethanol fermentation.

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Hybrid school buses hit the road; Iowa State researchers test their performance

Iowa State University's Center for Transportation Research and Education helped the Nevada and Sigourney school districts put two of the country's first hybrid school buses on the road this month. The buses use an electric motor at street speeds; their V-8 diesel engines kick in at higher speeds. The districts will show off their hybrid school buses during short ceremonies on Jan. 24. The public is invited. Iowa State researchers will study and evaluate the buses' performance over three years.

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Retired national archivist to speak on Jan. 28

Trudy Huskamp Peterson, an Iowa State University alumnus and retired director of the National Archives, will talk about "Legacies of Repression: Archives and Human Rights," at 8 p.m., Monday, Jan. 28 in the Memorial Union Sun Room. The event is free and open to the public. Peterson is a leading figure in international efforts to preserve records of governmental truth commissions and international criminal tribunals.

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Iowa State researchers look for smaller, cheaper, one-dose vaccines

An Iowa State team of researchers is hoping to find a way to produce vaccines that work better, use smaller doses and require only one trip to the doctor's office.

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