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Thursday, August 14 2008


ISU efforts to create community colleges in Georgian Republic threatened by violence

Ardith Maney, an emeritus professor of political science at ISU, has been spearheading a collaborative effort to set up a network of community colleges in the Georgia Republic, which was attacked by the Russian military last week.

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Hurricane Katrina survivor turns anger into art at Iowa State

Three years after Michael Stanley lost his home, studio, artwork and graduate school in Hurricane Katrina, he has earned his MFA at Iowa State and will begin teaching here in the fall. His thesis exhibition, "Katrina's Crescendo," comprises two kinetic sculptures that are made from Katrina refuse and express his experiences before, during and after the hurricane. It's an emotional and artistic journey that has carried him from a place of anger and bitterness to a sense of purpose.

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Carver Trust grants Iowa State $306,000 for advanced microscope

A $306,000 grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust will bring a state-of-the-art confocal microscope to Iowa State. The microscope provides extremely high quality cellular images and will enhance research programs involving health issues, such as Parkingon's disease, cancer, respiratory infections, Alzheimer's disease and stroke.

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Iowa State University sports psychologist available to media

Marty Martinez, ISU sports psychologist, is available to talk to media about mental issues facing athletes in Beijing, China.

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Turning Waste Material into Ethanol

Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University researchers have developed a method for converting crop residue, wood pulp, animal waste and garbage into ethanol. The process first turns the waste material into synthesis gas, or syngas, and nanoscale catalysts then convert the syngas into ethanol.

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ADM supports Iowa State research and development of biorenewable technologies

Archer Daniels Midland Company of Decatur, Ill., is joining ConocoPhillips in supporting five Iowa State University research projects. The projects include development of thermochemical technologies to convert biomass into bio-oil, studies of catalysts for improving that bio-oil, evaluation of the costs of building and operating biorefineries and research of ethanol fermentation technologies.

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First endowed professorship established in College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences has established its first endowed professorship, the Virginia M. Gladney Professorship in Food Science and Human Nutrition, made possible by a bequest from the estate of ISU alumna Virginia Gladney.

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'Science Cafe' to explore the extremes of Iowa flooding and rainfall

The first "Science Cafe" at Iowa State University will feature four faculty members discussing the theme, "Extreme Water and Weather in Iowa." The informal discussion will be 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 3, in the Skybox at Legends American Grill at 200 Stanton Ave. in Ames. It is free and open to the public.

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Newborn calf

Animal Learning Center brings life to the Iowa State Fair

The Animal Learning Center managed by Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine plans to have live animal births every day at the fair. The center will also feature a new surgical suite where veterinarians will perform spaying procedures twice each day throughout the fair.

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Summer commencement ceremony is Aug. 9

David Miles, president of the Board of Regents, will address 772 graduates at summer commencement at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 9, in Hilton Coliseum. The ceremony will combine graduate and undergraduate commencements.

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Ag Business Club upholds top national standing

ISU's Agricultural Business Club has been named the National Outstanding Chapter and received the National Creative Club Award from the American Agricultural Economics Association for the third consecutive year.

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Design student wins network internship

An Iowa State University graphic design student's winning competition entry has earned him a place in the Hollywood spotlight. Joe Kutilek's 25-second, digital motion-graphics promotional spot for The CW TV Network hit, "Gossip Girl," took first place in a national college competition, "Making the Cut." His winning, which will air this fall, earned him an internship in Hollywood.

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Swimmer under water

Iowa State professor, co-designer of Speedo's LZR Racer is ready for its Olympic test

Rick Sharp, an ISU kinesiology professor, was part of a team of outside experts who helped design Speedo's LZR Racer swimsuit, which has already been worn by swimmers setting 48 world records since its February release. It will be worn by most of the top swimmers in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Aug. 8-24.

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Iowa State study of community college presidents finds national shortage on horizon

A new ISU study of 415 community college presidents (38.2 percent nationally) found that 79 percent will retire by 2012, and 84 percent by 2016. The study also documents a shortage of qualified replacements.

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Lumberjack duties part of summer internship

Two ISU forestry students are living in the woods this summer. They're logging trees to create passable roads and trapping and releasing animals as part of a research project.

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German architect brings a touch of green to Iowa State University

Iowa State University is learning some European lessons on sustainable design from a German architect. For the past two years, assistant professor Ulrike Passe has been injecting a healthy dose of European-bred, green design into the ISU architecture curriculum. And as lead faculty on ISU's solar decathlon project, she's extending her expertise to the entire campus community.

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Carver in his student days at Iowa State

Carver, ISU student

Traveling Field Museum exhibit on Carver debuts in Des Moines

Iowa State alumnus and legendary scientist George Washington Carver is remembered in a traveling exhibit that debuts in Iowa. The exhibit, from Chicago's Field Museum, will be on display in the State Historical Museum in Des Moines Aug. 1 through Nov. 2. The exhibit opens with a reception July 31 (reservations, $20). Family activities are featured in a special celebration Sept. 20. Iowa State is among sponsors of the Des Moines exhibit.

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Virtual worlds make real life marketing business sense, says Iowa State professor

Even if business owners don't want to sell their wares to avatars in those virtual worlds, Iowa State professor Brian Mennecke says they should at least consider exploring their product development and marketing value.

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Iowa State design researcher teams with Mayo Clinic

Debra Satterfield, an associate professor of art and design, is teaming up with the Mayo Clinic to transform her personal experiences with health care environments and information into more satisfying interactions for others. Satterfield, who researches how experiences are created through the design of environments and information, will examine how design variables influence the decision-making process of patients using medical decision aids.

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