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Tuesday, May 29 2012


ISU researcher studies education paths of Iowa GED program enrollees

Among 11,675 Iowa high school dropouts who enrolled in the General Education Development (GED) preparation program during the 2003-04 fiscal year, fewer than a third (31.5 percent or 3,680) earned a GED by the end of the 2009 fiscal year. And only 2 percent (229) completed a community college credential, according to the doctoral dissertation by Andrew Ryder, a research and evaluation scientist in Iowa State's Research Institute for Studies in Education.

Newly modified nanoparticle opens window on future gene editing technologies

Iowa State University researchers are using nanoparticles originally developed by the late Victor Lin to simultaneously deliver proteins and DNA into plant cells. The technology could allow more sophisticated and targeted editing of plant genomes. And that could help researchers develop crops that adapt to changing climates and resist pests. The discovery has been published online by the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

Iowa State students take a lighter, more autonomous ‘lunabot’ to NASA competition

Iowa State University's Team LunaCY will compete in NASA's Lunabotics Mining Competition May 21-26. This year's student-designed and student-built robot is lighter and more efficient than past efforts. The goal is to mine and deposit at least 10 kilograms of simulated moon soil within 10 minutes.

Pamela Anthony named dean of students

Pamela Anthony, who has served as assistant dean of students at Georgia State University since 2003, will begin as Iowa State's dean of students on Aug. 1. Anthony has extensive experience in student crisis intervention, judicial affairs, student activities and Greek life. Previously, she was the director of student activities at Spelman College, and held two positions at the University of Alaska.

Iowa State attacks student debt through research, resources and programming

A study of Iowa State students has found that one in eight don't realize they owe student loans, while two in five don't realize how much they owe. The study represents the latest effort to address student debt and financial literacy at Iowa State. ISU leaders and the Government of the Student Body have invested in greater financial literacy resources over the past three years.