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Friday, October 22 2021

  • Authors to dig into Villisca, Iowa ax murders in upcoming lecture

    A father-daughter duo will share their research into a possibly overlooked serial killer in the early 20th century who committed ax murders across the U.S. — including two in Iowa — in an upcoming lecture at Iowa State University.

  • New study calls for mitigation, monitoring of common grease-proofing food packaging chemicals

    An Iowa State University scientist is calling for a better understanding of the health ramifications of ubiquitous “grease proofing” chemicals that have been used for decades. A new study based on a symposium involving scientists at public and private institutions strikes an urgent tone on the need for new and better ways to detect and mitigate this class of chemical compounds, collectively known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

  • Researchers engineer hardier microbes to improve bioproduction of fuels, chemicals

    Researchers led by Iowa State University's Laura Jarboe are working to improve bioproduction of fuels and chemicals by finding enzymes that can withstand the heat and acidity used to lower industrial fermentation costs. The project is supported by a three-year, $969,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Survey highlights pandemic’s effects on mental and physical health in rural Iowa

    Recently published survey data reveal how the pandemic has affected Iowa’s rural communities differently. The survey, led by an ISU rural sociologist, asked thousands of Iowans to gauge how the pandemic has impacted their physical and mental health.

  • New grant will help ISU researchers break new ground with perennial cover crops

    Iowa State University scientists are leading a multi-institutional effort to reimagine cover crops by using perennial groundcovers. They hope the effort will lead to wider adoption of perennial groundcovers in order to protect the environment and benefit crop production. The researchers recently received a $10 million grant to support their work.

  • Researchers developing new genetic lines for organic corn production

    Iowa State University scientists are leading an effort to improve efficiency and genetics in organic corn production. Most seeds bred for growing corn are suited to conventional agricultural systems, not organic. The researchers will create proof-of-concept corn varieties specifically for organic production, a fast-growing sector of the agricultural world.

  • Pappajohn Center celebrates 25 years of helping students develop entrepreneurial mindset

    Isaac Bradford always planned to start a business after he graduated from Iowa State University, but after connecting with the Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship he realized now was the time to launch his startup.

  • Iowa State dedicates new Student Innovation Center

    Iowa State University recently dedicated its new Student Innovation Center, a highly flexible, technology-rich campus hub for project-based learning, entrepreneurship and multidisciplinary collaboration. The facility provides space for students, faculty and staff to share ideas, experiment and create new products.

  • Iowa State University team will expand high-tech toolbox to help identify promising conservation practices

    A new federal grant will help Iowa State University researchers expand and update an electronic tool that identifies watershed conservation practices best suited to particular agricultural fields. The Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework relies on data concerning field boundaries, land use and soil conditions to help guide decisions on how to improve water quality.

  • Iowa State’s Schulte Moore named 2021 MacArthur Fellow

    Iowa State University's Lisa Schulte Moore has been named a 2021 MacArthur Fellow for her groundbreaking research as a landscape ecologist building more sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. The prestigious awards, sometimes called “genius grants,” identify scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and others who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and who show promise for important future advances.

  • Preliminary summary of crew club post-accident reviews

    Iowa State University commissioned two reviews following the tragic boating accident on March 28, 2021, at Little Wall Lake. This summary provides an overview of the two reports.