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Wednesday, August 10 2011


Brian Wilsey

Brian Wilsey

Most plant species important in various and varying ecosystems: ISU research

According to a new analysis of plants in grasslands around the world, 84 percent of plant species are important to their ecosystem. Brian Wilsey and Stanley Harpole, both in Iowa State University's Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology, are authors of a study on plant diversity published in today's issue of the journal Nature. The study's lead author, Forest Isbell, is a former graduate student of Wilsey who now works at McGill University, Canada.

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MEDIA ADVISORY: ISU experts assess impact of U.S. credit rating downgrade

While nobody can be certain what the unprecedented downgrade of the United States' AAA credit rating by Standard and Poor's will mean to the U.S. economy, some Iowa State University experts can provide perspectives on the potential impact.

ISU state fair exhibit hits home

Visitors to Iowa State University's state fair exhibit are invited to take a walk down an air-conditioned "Main Street" in the Varied Industries Building. This year's exhibit theme is "From biorenewables to Main Street, Iowa State is making your life better." Fairgoers can experience a streetscape that sequences from rural to urban Iowa, and focuses on Iowa State's contributions to the bioeconomy and Iowa communities.

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Iowa State sociologist expects renewed 9/11 remembrance on its 10th anniversary

Brian Monahan, an ISU assistant professor of sociology who authored a book on the media coverage of 9/11, anticipates the 10th anniversary of the tragedy will stir Americans' emotions and bring renewed interest in remembrances of the event. And Monahan says this summer's media coverage following the death of Osama bin Laden offered glimpses into what we can expect next month.

Iowa State’s external funding hits $342.3 million in fiscal year 2011

Iowa State University attracted $342.3 million in external funding for the fiscal year that ended June 30. That's a drop of $45.9 million from the record $388.2 million the university attracted in fiscal year 2010. Expiration of stimulus programs and other decreases in federal funding accounted for much of the decrease.

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Howard Heemstra services set

Architecture Professor Emeritus Howard Heemstra, 82, died Friday, July 22, at Israel Family Hospice House in Ames. Heemstra was a member of the faculty for 37 years (1966-2003). He was one of the architects for Stephens Auditorium, named the "Building of the Century" by the Iowa Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 2004. A memorial service will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, August 12, at the Grandon Funeral and Cremation Care, 414 Lincoln Way.

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ISU research: Corn yields with perennial cover crop are equal to traditional farming

Farmers can still see yields of more than 200 bushels per acre while using cover crops to protect the soil, improve water quality and capture carbon in the soil, according to new research by ISU Agronomy Professor Ken Moore.

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