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Thursday, March 9 2006


Chemically squeezing every drop of ethanol from corn

Iowa State University's Brent Shanks is working to create chemical catalysts that would increase the yield of fermentable sugars from corn. That could boost ethanol production by 10 to 15 percent.

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Iowa Water Center to stimulate new research and outreach

With a new name and a new director, a 42-year-old program to stimulate water research, outreach and education in Iowa is experiencing a revitalization.

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Big 12 basketball tourney March 7-12

The Big 12 basketball tournaments take place March 7-12 in Dallas, Texas. Cyclone spirit rallies are scheduled.

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Tennis club to nationals

The ISU Tennis Club is headed to Austin, Texas, in April for national championships.

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ISU profs' wearable art on display at LAX

An award-winning wearable art piece designed and constructed by two Iowa State University professors is now on display in the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

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Dean of Students search to re-open

The Dean of Students post at Iowa State University will remain open for a few more months, Vice President for Student Affairs Tom Hill announced. Hill said emerging needs in the Student Affairs division are causing him to reassess what the Dean of Students job may entail in the future.

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High-tech testing of the space shuttle's foam

Iowa State University researchers are studying how X-ray imaging and computer simulation modeling can help NASA engineers look for defects in layers of space shuttle foam.

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Volunteers sought for national Special Olympics

Volunteers are sought for the first-ever Special Olympics USA National Games, which will be held at Iowa State and Ames July 2-7. The event will draw 3,500 athletes, 1,500 coaches and officials, 12,000 family members and 30,000 spectators.

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Turf title, again

For the fifth year in a row, Iowa State students won the national Collegiate Turf Bowl Competition trophy. This year also marks the seventh time in eight years that an ISU team has won the knowledge bowl.

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Marty Martinez


Psychologist will help U.S. track elite

Marty Martinez, a psychologist for the Student Counseling Service, will help the U.S. track elite prepare for the World Cup.


Sarah Thompson



Music major Sarah Thompson completes four perfect years in national student auditions.

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