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Wednesday, January 9 2019

Person inserting debit card in ATM

Early exposure to banking influences life-long financial health

Growing up in a community with or without banks has a long-term effect on how you build and manage credit, according to a new Iowa State University study. The research shows individuals who grow up in what are essentially “financial deserts” are slow to apply for credit and as adults have lower credit scores and more delinquent accounts.

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2018 Year in Review

As 2018 comes to an end, the Iowa State University News Service staff is looking back and sharing some of its favorite and more popular stories of the year.

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Criminal history strong indicator for future violent crime

New research shows offenders convicted of a violent crime or other serious felonies will likely commit the same crime again. For example, a prior homicide conviction increased the likelihood by 1,467 percent. Researchers say the findings illustrate the need to consider an offender's entire criminal history during sentencing or when considering parole. 

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Higher average potency cannabis may increase risk for first disorder symptom

States do not regulate the potency of recreational cannabis, even though THC levels have increased significantly. Now new research shows higher average potency cannabis at first use increases the risk for the first symptom of cannabis use disorder.

Walter Suza in his office in Agronomy Hall at Iowa State University

Anti-GMO sentiment has repercussions for developing world

Anti-GMO sentiment may be holding back the progress of farmers in some African countries, but an Iowa State University agronomist hopes a new study upholding the safety of Bt corn may help policymakers in Africa implement the technology to fight an emergent pest. The review included a risk assessment that found delaying the adoption of genetically modified crops such as Bt corn in the developing world presents risks to both humans and the environment.